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The Good Daughter, Monica Kessler

Bricia Martin was born with a full head of crimson hair. Her dark brown eyes twinkled whenever she smiled. Brí, as her family called her, was an only child. She became fascinated with books at a young age. Her love of words led her to become spelling bee contest winner in elementary school. Her parents had emigrated from Mexico and had been farmworkers all of their lives. Brí had seen her parents endure injustices at work and in their everyday lives. This infuriated her and so she vowed that she would one day make a difference in her parents' lives and the lives of other farmworkers. Although her parents did not have much money, they'd always stressed the importance of an education. While in high school, Brí became increasingly involved in causes specifically focused on immigrants. She could often be seen marching alongside her parents for farmworkers rights. She became valedictorian of her class in high school and was awarded a full scholarship to college. While in college, Brí became interested in law and motivated herself to get ahead. She would eventually intern at one of the most prestigious law firms in her state. Brí’s sharp wit and dedication did not go unnoticed at the firm. She was well-liked and respected by her co-workers because she was always willing to help. Upon graduation, she was offered a judicial clerkship role. It would seem that Brí was on her way to accomplishing her goal of being a voice for her community. To celebrate this new chapter, her family held a big party. Her parents were so proud of her accomplishment. The night of the party, Brí’s mother confessed to Brí that she had had numerous miscarriages before her and that she'd prayed to La Virgen for a miracle. Brí was her miracle. In order to thank La Virgen, her mother needed to take Brí to the basilica in Mexico. The family hadn't been able to travel before due to their financial situation, but now was the perfect time; even if it was just for a weekend. Upon hearing her mother’s story, Brí felt a chill rush through her body, but she smiled and agreed. After all, how could she say no to her beloved mother? Everything was falling into place. A few months later as Brí was leaving work, she was approached by a woman, an argument ensued and Brí was shot in the head. She died instantly. It was later discovered that it was a case of mistaken identity. The intended target was a redhead named Bree Martin. Bree Martin was a co-worker of Brí’s and she had been having an affair with the shooter’s husband. While looking through her personal belongings, detectives found that she had purchased three airplane tickets to Mexico. They were dated for that weekend.

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