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CALMA Membership

CALMA’s vision is to highlight the work of Latino authors from Colorado and to invite them to join CALMA in this effort. The following membership guidelines specify how Latino authors and writers can become members.

Membership is open to

  • Colorado Latino Authors

  • Colorado Authors with Latino-themed stories

  • Latino Authors or Aspiring Writers living out of state with Colorado roots or with Colorado-themed Latino stories

  • Aspiring Latino Writers and Mentees in Colorado

Benefits of Membership

  • Published Author members are featured on the CALMA Author page with short biographies, photos, and their links to purchase their works.

  • Members are offered access to ListServe email announcements, participation in book fairs, literary events, social media marketing, professional development, mentorship opportunities, networking, and the opportunity to serve on Committees or the Board of Directors.

  • Experiencing the camaraderie of this unique, talented, energetic, and exceptional group.

  • No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Prospective members may provide  comparable in-kind services in lieu of the $25.

Membership Fees & Form

How do donations help?

  • Donations help support business expenses, i.e., annual website dues, Anthology printing, entity registration fees, P.O. Box, Zoom, rental fees, promotional items, etc.

  • CALMA is a completely volunteer run 501(c)3  non-profit corporation.

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