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Ode to Fall Pt.1, Christina Montoya

As I watch the leaves fall to the ground, they gently remind me of change that is to come. Like a soft whisper in the wind, they say "Prepare your heart, in great expection that anything can happen!"

I'm filled with wonder as I think of the time I fell deep in love-in autumn. As I reminisce, I make a wish for a repeat; until a leaf forcefully hits the ground.

The wind begins to roar vicious, tossing leaves to and fro and I suddenly reflect on the mess that is my life; at times losing control to a force much stronger than myself.

I see a man with a leaf blower, he is the only one who seems to be in control. He is methodically guiding the destination of each leaf, as I watch him I feel I've regained control of my messy life.

Grateful to the man, I wave in silence, hiding my shame of losing control. Taking one step at a time out of my shame, I continue to watch the leaves fall and this time one lands on my shoulder like a perfectly orchestrated plan. I take hold of it, just as I have my life, and as I inspect the leaf, I see what appears to be a very precise heart cut-out in the center. I realize the leaf is delicate, just like the human heart, and so I place it in my pocket for safekeeping.

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