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Just Keep Driving, Christina Montoya

A couple of years ago, I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, from Los Angeles to San Francisco-what an amazing scenic route! I had wanted to take the drive for some time but had never taken the steps to make it happen. During the drive I wondered why I waited so long to venture out that way; I suppose timing is everything. It was raining and raining heavily at different times throughout the two-day drive. I must admit, my eyesight isn’t the greatest, even with glasses. Rain mixed with the darkness of night and occasional blinding lights, makes me nervous. Nonetheless, I was on a schedule and continued driving at a steady pace.

In retrospect, the drive was kind of like moments in life. We may experience moments of fear but are forced to keep going for many reasons. You may have a family who depends on you, so you have no choice but to keep driving. I stopped at several vantage points and marveled at the impressive landscapes. But it’s as though I had to earn each view.

And the wind! I quickly learned that December isn’t the best time to do the drive except for there being little traffic. It was challenging to get the perfect picture without my hair being tossed to-and-fro. I suppose it didn’t really matter though, I was in anticipation of what I would see at the next stop. I sang at the top of my lungs because I was enjoying the moment regardless of the elements.

Once I finally met daylight again, I opened the window just to absorb the fresh air. I imagined my lungs being filtered with every breath, so I inhaled a little deeper. I looked around at the greenery on my right and the ocean waves on the left. I relished at the intricate details that the creator gifted humanity with. It’s amazing how, when we’re open to it, we receive the gifts that God intended for us.

It’s raining again but I keep driving, this time I’m above the clouds. The roads are winding, like a woven basket, right left, right left. The next thing I know, I find myself right smack under a vivid rainbow. I stop the car to get a full glimpse. I suddenly remember what I was taught as a child. God sent a rainbow as a promise to humanity to never again flood the earth. And in that moment as I lift my head up, I realize just how big God is.

The journey reminded me to stay encouraged and keep driving through the storms, because what awaits on the other side is full of promise.

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