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June 2021

David Gunter Ronquillo is a retired/columnist now independently publishing his murder/mystery novels through Amazon.com. His journalism and media career included staff and editorial positions at the Denver Downtowner, La Voz de Colorado, and KBNO radio. He was also a monthly guest columnist at the Rocky Mountain News (1994-1996) and The Denver Post (1996-1999).


Two books in the opening trilogy, Book One: Fatal Flaws and Book Two: Make It Go Away, are published and available at Amazon. Book Three: Calvary of Our Lady will be ready for release in September 2021 during Hispanic Heritage month.


The trilogy, called Latino Liturgy,  revolves around a fictional Latino/Mexican-American community in Denver, Colorado. It is his depiction the Latino experience in America seen through a microcosm of Latino characters along with their friends and families while murder/mysteries are played out and solved. More detailed information on the books is on his website 

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