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Lydia Ortiz

Lydia Ortiz Avant is the second daughter of a seven sibling family who helped her parents raise her younger siblings.  It is no wonder why Lydia chose a lifetime career in Early Childhood Education.  In the twenty-five plus years of professional licensed childcare services,  Lydia hand-wrote her own workbooks for hundreds of children including her own two daughters while she was educating in creative writing for children and teenagers.  But, never in her life time did she ever think that she would write and publish her first thriller novel, The Malevolent Nephilim at age 78.  What Lydia wants her readers to learn from her story is that, if they too are struggling from something that is plaguing them, there is hope for closure. Never give up. After sixty-four years of on-going anguish over having witnessed the demise of her World War One Veteran neighbor, Lydia finally found closure while writing the last chapter of her recent thriller novel.  The last missing link to Lydia’s anguish had been ACCEPTANCE.  Lydia changed the narrative of the true story to a fictional story in order to avenge the life spun short of the veteran who she had bonded with for a period of four years. The tragic story took place when Lydia moved with her “abuelos” into the countryside neighborhood of Southwestern CO while she was nine-years old.  In the fictional story she also reveals and avenges the heroic act of her grandfather who was never given the much-deserved credit that took place in the true story.

Lydia and her husband Leonard/Len are happily retired in the Ken Caryl area of Littleton, CO.  Lydia gives ample praise to her loving husband who made this thriller novel happen for her.
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