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Priscilla Falcon

Priscilla Falcon graduated from the Korbel School of International Studies at Denver University, Denver, Colorado, where she earned her M.A. and Ph.D. Dr. Falcon received a fellowship from the Graduate School of International Studies to complete research on Mexican Foreign Policy at the U.N.A.M. National Autonomous University in Mexico City, and while there she traveled extensively throughout Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Tabasco. During the decade of the 1980’s she traveled through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras to better understand the revolutions taking place in Central America. During the 1990’s she traveled as an observer to the EZLN Zapatista Army of National Liberation zones in Chiapas. ​ Dr. Falcon began her social activism as an organizer in the Chicano Movement in the late 1960’s. In 1968 she became a member of the United Mexican American Students organization U.M.A.S. at the University of Colorado Boulder campus. The focus of the UMAS organization was to open doors to higher education for Chicana/os who for many decades had been excluded from these institutions. Dr. Falcon has been interviewed for several documentaries including, La Raza de Colorado-el Movimiento, COINTELPRO 101, and Symbols of Resistance, which was premiered in 2017 at the International Cuban film festival in Havana, Cuba. She is currently involved in archival research documenting Chicana/o activism. Dr. Falcon is currently a professor in the Department of Chicana/o and Latinx Studies at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado.

STRIKE National Floral Workers Vs Kitayama authored by Priscilla Falcon is a historical narrative of the 1968-1969 Kitayama Carnation and Rose strike in Brighton, Colorado. The leadership of the strike, Guadalupe "Lupe" Briseno, Mary Sailes, Martha del Real, Mary Padilla, and Rachel Sandoval organized Chicana/o workers at the 60unit greenhouses. Several months into the strike Lupe Briseno was suspended from work and in a matter of months she was fired and the work of establishing a union began. This book chronicles the experiences of building a union and the labor strike which ended in the teargassing of the women by Weld County Deputies. Books may be purchased through the Midnight Oil bookstore online at or calling 970-673-8675 or visiting the Midnight Oil Bookstore at 827 10th street, Greeley, Colorado 80631


  • STRIKE National Floral Workers Vs Kitayama

Priscilla Falcon
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