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Gloria Mora

Gloria L. Mora’s mission is to contribute to the preservation of the archaic, regional dialect of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. This dialect is Colonial Spanish which dates back to the late 1500s, and early1600s. She was born in La Puente, New Mexico, and lived back and forth between La Puente, NM, and Pueblo, Colorado. She is proud of and values her experiences of living in this pure, authentic culture and learning Colonial Spanish, her first language. Northern New Mexico’s colonial Spanish Heritage is endangered of becoming extinct. Minimal is known about the existence and history of the Hispanic people of northern New Mexico. The present-day children with roots in this area have not had the opportunity to learn about their own language or culture.

Gloria L. Mora is a retired educator of 34 years.

  • Started and taught a pilot Bilingual/Bicultural Classroom in Walsenburg, CO, Spring semester of 1973.

  • Started and taught in the first Bilingual/Bicultural Classroom in Fort Collins, CO, Poudre R-1 School District, 1973-1974.

  • Started and taught in Bilingual/Bicultural Classrooms in two schools, Pueblo, CO School District 60, 1974-1999

  • Delivered instruction in English in the traditional classroom, in Walsenburg and in Pueblo, CO. School District 60 Cadre Counselor.

  • Board of Cooperative Service, Summer Migrant Program, in Fort Collins, CO, and Pueblo, CO, instruction in Spanish.

  • Pueblo Community College, Conversational Spanish 101 for Medical and Criminal Justice Students. Middle School Counselor in Misawa, Japan, and served as the Spanish Translator for students, parents, and faculty.

  • Spanish Translator at Children’s Hospital staff meetings for parents, and medical staff.

  • Translated the manuscript from English to Colonial Spanish, Antonio’s Dream, El Sueño de Antonio.

Gloria Mora
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