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David G. Ronquillo

David G. Ronquillo is a retired newspaper writer and freelance columnist living in Brighton, Colorado. Although retired from staff work, David keeps his hands in the artform of writing with news and information websites, while working on his mystery books. Born in El Paso, Texas, David's family heritage is deeply rooted in West Texas and southern New Mexico. But he also grew up in the Army, following his step-father from post to post, throughout the U.S. and Germany. A five-year Veteran of military service himself, David traveled extensively in his younger days. Following service in the U.S. Army, David moved to Denver in 1974 and began English and Creative Writing studies at the University of Colorado at Denver. His writing career began while a student there, reviewing films and performing arts for the Colorado Daily. His journalism and media career included staff and editorial positions at the Denver Downtowner, La Voz de Colorado, and KBNO radio. He was also a guest columnist for the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post from 1994 to 2000. He currently publishes, a website celebrating Colorado authors and literature. David is widowed and has one son, Michael, a Denver police detective, from whom he has three granddaughters: Skylar Renee Trinity Lis, and Annika Josephine.

About the Series

The first three books (Fatal Flaws, Make It Go Away, and Calvary of Our Lady) comprise the opening trilogy of the A.J. Amador Mystery Series. Collectively titled Latino Liturgy, the three books introduce the main character (A.J. Amador) as a well-educated, well-traveled, urbane Latino who remains true to his cultural roots in Denver, Colorado. Although a loner to much of the world, A.J. is fiercely loyal to a small group of friends that stand by him and assist in solving his most difficult cases. Latino Liturgy presents intriguing mysteries against a background of cultural and social commentary about Latino life in America as seen through the eyes of the recurring characters and their actions within the story lines. Besides the cultural and social backgrounds, the books highlight Colorado towns and history that add to the intrigue of the plots, as well as adding a historical aspect to the influence of Latinos in landscape of the state. Beyond the opening trilogy, the A.J. Amador Mystery Series will travel to southeastern Colorado and to the historic San Luis Valley—el Valle—as the books continue to present mysteries for A.J. and his friends to solve and give a broader perspective of Latino life. The Guardians of Cibola (January, 2021) is a mystery set near the historic remains of Old Bent’s Fort where a centuries-old feud between descendants of the Coronado expedition in Colorado ends in the murder of a revered tribal leader. Dia de los Muertos (August, 2021) brings A.J. to the legendary valley in southwestern Colorado, where he hopes to unravel the mystery of serial killings over a five-year period connected with the famed Day of the Dead celebration. Future books in the series will focus on A.J.’s work for Æsperantu—the shadowy organization that hires his services, taking him up and down Central and South America and parts of Europe. Plans are also in progress for developing the series for cable television.

David G. Ronquillo
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