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Carlotta Espinoza

Carlotta Ddr. EspinoZa born 1-10-1943 …I am Latina, Italiana, Chicana, Mestiza. A Native of Denver, Colorado and lived off and on in Fraser Colorado, as a child, so I'm part mountain girl. I have one son Miguel Espinoza, Guitarist. 


I've have been a Portrait artist, some stain glass windows, Murals, Sculpture, Teacher, Author of two children's books, and working on book number three a bio on my life. (I contract to do artwork.)


The first book was written and Illustrated, by myself, the color pencils  was done by Gabbi C. Espinoza. The name of the first book is called ''God Made a Very Big Big Bang’' it was published by Publish America, Baltimore. I sent a copy to Barack and Michelle Obama. They sent me back a thank you card.


The second book Is called "The Cricket Who Fell In Love With A Dragonfly", Illustrated and color pencils by Carlotta and Gabbi C. Espinoza. Editing and one watercolor painting was done by New Mexico Professor Melina Vizcaino-Aleman. 

Carlotta Espinoza
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