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Tommey L. Herrera 

Tommey L. Herrera lives to write. He writes about a time when family values and traditions were the center of life. He grew up surrounded by the beauty of the San Luis Valley and San Luis, the oldest established town in Colorado. He writes about its breathtaking beauty and the Hispanic culture which has been in existence since the first Spanish settlers arrived in the mid-1800s. Tommey captures the color and aura of everyday life in el país and the colloquialisms of the people. His respect for nature is evident in his descriptive narrative of the majestic land and mountains of the valley. His characters come to life through interweaving the past and the present. They haunt long after reading their story. He is the author of over thirty unpublished manuscripts and several published works including, An Unfortunate Encounter, Murder on Culebra Creek and Short-sighted Justice, Murder on the Corriera.

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