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Ramon Del Castillo 

Dr. Ramon Del Castillo is a 45-year Colorado resident and past Chair and Professor in the Chicana/o Studies Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSUD 2006-2019) and a past faculty member at MSUD in the Sociology and Chicano Studies Departments (1984-1996).  I have dabbled in various forms of writing that include researcher, editor, published poet and past newspaper columnist for the Rocky Mountain News and current columnist for El Semanario: The Weekly Issue.  I have several chapters on Curanderismo, taken from my doctoral dissertation, published in textbooks and used in classrooms.  I recently (2020) edited a book with Dr. Lisa Grayshield titled, Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Counseling: Theory, and Practice with an emphasis in indigenous epistemology.  My publications include articles in, “The Applied Anthropology” Journals. Two titles include: “Population Growth, Activism, Social Movements, Coalitions and the Future of African American and Latinas/os in Denver and Beyond,” and “Culturally Competent Assessments with Immigrants, Mexicans and Mexican Americans: Transforming misperception into culturally relevant perspectives.” A short story I wrote entitled Primos Hermanos was recently published in La Revista Almagre Review (2019).  My poetry publications include: (2017) Chicana/o Rhapsodic Rhythm and Blues. (2016) Quetzales are not Extinct. (2002) Tales from a Michoacano. (1995) When the Owl Can't See at Night.  (1994) From the Corazon of a Bato Loco! (1988) Broken Concrete. I have several poems published in various journals, for example, “Human Rights,” In Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, and Thought; and “My Journey to Michoacan,” “Flowers from the Same Garden,” in Cantos Al Sexto Sol: An Anthology of Aztlanahuac Writing edited by Cecilio Garcia-Camarillo, Roberto Gonzales and Patrisia Gonzales. San Antonio, Texas: Wings Press, 2002.  As a past columnist for the Rocky Mountain News (1993-95), I was one of very few Chicano columnists for a major newspaper in Colorado at that time.  In 1996 I began writing for El Semanario.  My commentary covers a wide range of political, cultural, and social issues, usually pertaining to the Chicana/o community. 

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