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Manuel Almendarez, Ph.D

Manuel was born in the Texas Rio Grande Valley at the southernmost point of Texas. I earned a PhD in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN.  I moved to Englewood, Colorado recently from North Texas. Mi Sangre, Part I is the first of a trilogy that includes Mi Sangre, Part II, my father’s biography. My father’s biography includes the story of the lessons he learned from an old book he carried most of his life; Como Se Triunfa En La Vida, by Juan T. Gonzalez. I translated this book and published it; available on Amazon and Audible as well, How to Succeed in Life. The third book, Mi Sangre, Part III: The Migrant Years, will tell the story of our family as we travelled to the different Midwestern States from the early 50’s through the mid-70’s.

I write because I must. I also have a collection of poems I published, available on Amazon; Spirit Songs. I continue to write poetry which I share freely on Facebook. I write poetry when I am moved to as I continue to work on my novels. I also do research on improved leadership communication with works intended for publication in scientific journals.

Thank you for reading my works. Mi Sangre Trilogy is a work of love and honor for my Mother and Father whose lives I make immortal within its pages.

For More information on books by Dr. Almendarez visit Dr. Manuel Almendarez: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle.

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