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Lisa Lopez

Lisa is a multi-cultural enigma with roots in Mexico, Haiti, Colombia & Puerto Rico. She was an introspective, empathic child with a rich inner life which fed her writing. Her mother published her first poetry book, Smiles are Free, when she was only eleven years old. Although she was timid, she studied Fashion and co-hosted the television show Casa y Estilo International in the '90s. She moved to Colorado in 1996, where she married and had children. After her divorce and her father's impactful death, she turned to the non-profit sector to add meaning to her life. The Realm of Caring Foundation conducts research and educates on cannabinoid therapy. Most recently, she has reemerged in the arts sector, taking on passion projects. It's hard to say if she is ahead of her time, or on time for life and its quirky transgressions that she shares with humor and realism in her blog.

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