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Ernesto Alvarado 

Ernesto, Dr. Alvarado is a Ph.D. psychologist and an M.S.W. social worker. His life experience includes; newspaper reporter, therapist, community organizer, mental health administrator, health planner, school psychologist, campus policeman, youth sports coach, tax preparation and served on several boards including Weld County United Way and State of Colorado Substance Abuse Board.

His introduction to poetry was in junior high where he won a writing contest. He studied poetry at Colorado State University under Dr. White who introduced him to Native-American poetry. He has two of his poems published by The National Library of Poetry in two separate volumes, and is featured in the book Shamanic Wisdomkeepers.

Ernesto is co-author of the book Our Apache Ways. His new publication is 'The Collected Poems of Ernesto Alvarado '. Many themes are presented including love, Chicano anger, nature and self reflection. Both available through

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