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Anita Jepson-Gilbert 

Anita Jepson-Gilbert lives with her husband, Wayne, in Colorado, where she has taught English as a Second Language for many years. In the last ten years she has specialized in teaching pronunciation at the community college and in private corporations. Her other interest is poetry, which she has written and published in magazines, journals and anthologies over the past twenty years. As a member of Columbine Poets of Colorado, she has been an active supporter of poetry events in the Denver metro area.

Jepson-Gilbert has been researching Maria Reiche and the Nazca Lines since 1986. In 1988 she sent a copy of her poem "Maria and the Stars of Nazca" to Dr. Maria Reiche in Nazca, Peru. Dr. Reiche gladly accepted the poem and had a copy of her own book Secret on the Desert sent to her from Germany. After the death of Maria Reiche in 1998, Ms. Jepson-Gilbert began to seriously pursue the publication of the manuscript. In 2003, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Maria Reiche, the author traveled to Peru to see the mysterious lines and figures and to interview those who personally knew Maria Reiche and her work.

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