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Aimee Medina Carr

Aimée Medina Carr’s debut novel River of Love received The Rudolfo Anaya Best Latino Focused Fiction Book Award and Best eBook at the 22nd International Latino Book Awards. She also received an Honorable Mention for Homebound Publications – Landmark Prize for Fiction, 2018. A selected author of Las Comadres Book Club. 


The Indigenous People have survived by storytelling – a form of resistance. We’re the ancestors of an age to come. A collective spirit through the centuries that work to make a difference, every generation has to move the boulder of good forward. If we don’t tell our stories, who will?


River of Love is a supernatural love story about a fierce Indigenous-Chicana girl growing up in a white Colorado town in the 1970s. River of Love is a love letter to the Southern Rocky Mountains, the Spirits, a close-knit family, and even to youth itself. The Arkansas River is a vital character, as is the environment and wisdom of the ancestors. Things that happen when you’re young seem so much more important because they’re happening for the first time. Indigenous-Chicanas’ straddle two very different cultures; River of Love explores how we are all connected.

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