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Juliana Aragón Fatula, is a 2022 Corn Mother, women who have earned accolades for community activism and creative endeavors. She is the author of: Crazy Chicana in Catholic City, Red Canyon Falling on Churches, winner of the High PlainsBook Award for Poetry 2016, and a chapbook: The Road I Ride Bleeds, and a member of Colorado Alliance of Latino Mentors and Authors, and Macondo, “a community of accomplished writers…whose bonds reflect the care and generosity of its membership.” She mentors for Bridging Borders, a Teen Leadership Program for girls. No justice no peace.


Juliana Aragon Fatula social media links


https://www.cpr.org/show-segment/chicana-writer-turns-her-stormy-colorado-past-into-poetry/ inter by Colorado Public Radio.


https://manyblankets.wordpress.com/ not updated frequently but has lots of examples of my writing style.




https://www.bowerhousebooks.com/team/juliana-aragon-fatula/ my publisher Bowerhouse Books.


https://coloradoencyclopedia.org/article/juliana-arag%C3%B3n-fatula education resource


http://www.archivopdp.unam.mx/index.php/1060-us-latino-poets/us-latino-poets/3157-067-us-latino-poets-us-latino-poets-juliana-aragon recognition  


https://twitter.com/manyblankets I rarely use twitter.


https://labloga.blogspot.com/2017/03/interview-of-juliana-aragon-fatula.html interview