To celebrate, promote and preserve the written words of Latino Authors in Colorado .


The Colorado Alliance of Latino Mentors and Authors seeks to provide hands-on strategies for aspiring Latino authors by providing forums, venues, mentoring and coaching to promote and market their work and in addition, to elevate and celebrate the current writers and authors in Colorado. 

Strategies and Ideas 

In order to add substance to CALMA's vision and mission, the following strategies and ideas will serve as a starting point.  CALMA welcomes the thinking and input from all Colorado Latino/a authors in designing the most supportive and impactful platform to support everyone.  CALMA will strive to:

-Identify and acknowledge current Latino authors from or living in Colorado 

-Help to promote and market the work of Latino authors in Colorado

-Inspire, mentor and coach aspiring writers and authors in Colorado 

Promote the mantra to write and tell "our own" stories and history by featuring excerpts on the website of various Colorado authors and writers

-Provide bi-monthly "round table" discussions with topics to support authors

-Provide links as resources for tips and suggestions regarding self-publishing and ISBN numbers, Library of Congress acceptance and more

-Become a hub of information pertaining to graphic design art, formatting/editing, publishing, feedback, beta readers, potential agents and more